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Fillers for Eyes

As we age, the face we see in the mirror may begin to look unfamiliar to us. Lips thin and droop, cheeks flatten, and lines appear on our foreheads. Where once our faces seemed to radiate youth and life, now they begin to look tired and old. Fortunately, there are now affordable ways to rejuvenate our faces! Botox, for example, is now in widespread use as a way to erase or control wrinkles and fine lines. Another affordable injectable treatment is dermal filler. Fillers for eyes are particularly useful – the "windows of the soul” are arguably our most important feature.

How it Works

Dermal fillers such as Restylane® or JUVÉDERM® are composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in your body which helps to maintain volume and elasticity in the skin. As we age, our body’s production of hyaluronic acid slows down, and it takes longer to replenish. This results in decreased volume and elasticity in the skin. The effects of this include flattening, hollowing and deep folds in the face.
Injecting dermal filler into the face helps to restore volume loss, eliminate deep folds, fill in hollow areas and add youthfulness to cheeks, lips, and other areas. Injectable Botox can also help to alleviate signs of aging. Some of the eye areas that specialists target include:

  • Tear troughs. Dark circles under the eyes can be compounded by aging, which causes drooping skin in under-eye areas. The skin under the eyes is particularly delicate, and can be damaged by environmental factors such as the sun, for example. These pouches can make you look tired and old.
  • Crow’s feet. These small lines at the sides of the eyes, also known as "laugh lines” grow deeper as we age.
  • Drooping eyebrows. Eyebrows that sag or droop can give you a "grouchy” countenance.
  • Frown lines. The area between your eyes is known as the glabellar region, and some of the deepest wrinkles occur here.

Where to Go


Unfortunately, dermal fillers and Botox treatments are available in many places, and some clients experience less-than-optimal results because they don’t choose carefully. The best option in Toronto is to choose a clinic specializing in facial injectable treatments.


Find a clinic that features nurses or other medical supervisors, and that has a solid reputation with fillers for eyes. The clinic should be clean, well known, and highly recommended. Also make sure that the clinic you choose doesn’t promise the moon. Having unrealistic goals can lead to treatments that look "fake.” Work with a professional to set goals that are reasonable and safe.


Sometimes dermal filler alone can help you to achieve the effect you want, and other times a combination of Botox and dermal filler is recommended. Talk to a specialist and decide what’s right for you. And then smile, as your reflection in the mirror reflects the real you!


Megan Kozák, Registered Nurse

Megan Kozák, Registered Nurse

Certified Aesthetic Injector

CEO and Founder of POUT

Megan Kozak RN. founded POUT on the premise of Expert Care with a Beauty Flair. Take it from a former model and Registered Nurse – beauty isn’t beyond our reach, it simply requires expertise and an experienced aesthetic eye.

Dr. J.R. Coutts

Dr. J.R. Coutts


Medical Director of POUT

POUT is serious about standards of excellence! With us is Dr.Rob Coutts - POUT’s acting Medical Director and distinguished member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.




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